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Fishing reports

Sunday, 28 April


Tuesday, April 23

The Dutch fisherman  Henk was really looking forward to this trip. And what a start. Henks first fish in Norway a ling from 15,4 kg. 135 cm long. The fish seems to know that it is your birthday friday, congratulations. 


Week 16


Beware of the Austrians.
With 28 they came to empty the fjords, after a difficult start, almost all the guys were catching nice one's. From coalfish, to pollack, even a Catfish caught by the groups magic Merlin.



Monday, 9 April

a catfish took a coalfish lure

6.4 kg tursk

After some difficult days fishing in the weekend, to little current and lazy fish, things are turnung out to be better for us. Together with my german friends we were first fishing for tursk (brosme), we were a bit to late and the approaching new moone was already giving us much current. One tursk later we changed to the coalfish. Plenty of those, not huge, about 2 kg. but a lot of action. Later they moved to the shallow waters which increased our chances for some sport.
As a bonus a catfish took our coalfish lure, nice to see them coming on the the grounds again. Another one was caught on worms later. After this day I am really looking forward to some nice catfish adventures. And in the evening a nice tursk came in to the boat, 6.4 kg. is a very good result after a few hours of intense angling.

Thursday, 28 March


Weather was bad not much wind but raining cats and dogs. Been fishing with my german frieds the Jacobs family. The fishing for coalfish was very good. Some were small some larger (max 4.5kg) but there was fish every drift. We noticed there was something larger chasing our coalies all the time. Often the fish was completely stripped.
Mrs. Jacobs, one of the keenest fisherwomen i've met tried to get up the smaller coalfish as slow as possible. AND THAN IT HIT..
After a super fight and some keen and patient fishing this was the result a 18.0 KG and 122cm fat cod. Very well done.