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Skarnsundet Fjordsenter
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The Skarnsundet bridge

The places around the bridge offer great fishing, the bridge itself is a wonder of construction.


The Skarnsundet Bridge is a cable stayed bridge located close to the Arctic Circle on the coast of Norway in an area characterised by severe marine environment, strong winds, salt spray and large temperature variations. The 1010 m long bridge was opened to traffic in December 1991. The three cable-stayed spans are supported by a total of 208 cables. The bridge cross-section is a concrete box girder of triangular shape, 13 m wide and 2.15 m high. The two towers are A-shaped concrete frames of height 152 m above sea level. The central span of 530 m combined with the fact that the bridge has only two traffic lanes makes it unique for its record breaking span and great slenderness.


Largest Cable-Stayed Bridges

Name Location Country Year Span Remarks
Tatara Onomichi-Imabari Japan 1999 890 Steel
Pont de Normandie Le Havre France 1995 856 Steel/Concrete
Qingzhou Minjiang Fuzhou China 1996 605 tomt
Yangpu Shanghai China 1993 602 tomt
Xupu Shanghai China 1997 590 tomt
Meiko-Chuo Nagoya Japan 1997 590 tomt
Skarnsundet Trondheim Fjord Norway 1991 530 tomt
Tsurumi Tsubasa Yokohama Japan 1994 510 tomt
Ikuchi Onomichi-Imabari Japan 1991 490 tomt
Öresund Copenhagen-Malmö Denmark-Sweden 2000 490 tomt
Higashi-Kobe Kobe Japan 1992 485 tomt
Ting Kau Hong Kong Hong Kng 1997 475 tomt
Seohae   South Korea 1997 470 tomt
Annacis Island Vancouver, BC Canada 1986 465 tomt
Yokohama Bay Yokohama Japan 1989 460 tomt
Second Hoogly Calcutta India 1992 457 tomt
Second Severn Bristol Great Britain 1996 456 tomt
Rama IX Bangkok Thailand 1987 450 tomt
Queen Elizabeth II Dartford Great Britain 1991 450 tomt
Chongging-2 Sichuan Prov. China 1996 444 tomt
Carlos Casado Barrios de Luna Spain 1983 440 tomt